Mission Rwanda is a Community-to-Community Partnership through World Vision connecting the churches, businesses and schools of the Elk River Area of Minnesota, with an Area Development Project in Karaba, Rwanda, Africa. The Elk River area has sponsored more than 500 children in Rwanda.

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Posted in the Elk River Star News 12/27/05

Many efforts made news in 2005 that will long be remembered

Faith-based help

The Elk River area is filled with compassionate people with a multitude of talents. In the past year, they have generously given these talents and their time to help others in far-away states and countries.

About two years ago, four Elk River area pastors sensed a calling to visit Africa in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. They visited Karaba, Rwanda, in eastern Africa, an area about the size of Sherburne County.

Upon their return, these pastors launched a community-wide mission effort bringing together churches, businesses, schools and the community that has resulted today in more than 500 Rwandan children being personally sponsored by Elk River area families.

In late October 2005, two of these pastors, the Rev. Greg Pagh, Christ Lutheran Church in Otsego; and the Rev. Paul Salfrank, Alliance Community Church in Elk River, along with nine other members of the Mission Rwanda team, set out on an 11-day journey back to Karaba to examine the progress of these efforts and bring back an eyewitness report to the Elk River community.

Since the initial visit that started it all, three new schools have been built (with World Vision's support), as well as 58 new homes. World Vision also provides micro-loans to help the people of Karaba start businesses that will make them self-sufficient and provide work for others. At the time of the most recent trip, the Elk River area was sponsoring about 525 children; the Mission Rwanda team got to see about 500 of them.

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